About me

After graduating from my PhD in Chemistry, I decided to leave academia.

Yes, I like research. But I also want to experience different aspects of the world!

It turns out that I transitioned into a research chemist in a private analytical laboratory. Throughout my chemist role, I developed and validated analytical methods for pesticides and drugs detection in food and water. While I enjoyed exploring methods for detections of various new compounds, I have also gained a broader vision through sharing with students and networking with experts from diverse industries.

It was fun and enjoyable, but I was not satisfied with sticking to one particular field of science only. While I enjoy learning different aspects of science, I also enjoy listening to people’s stories and connect with people. Following the passion for both science and people, I have extended my interest in sharing science with a broader audience. I have later become the chair of a graduate student collaboration blog,Β Chembites,Β where I share the excitement in research.

Since then, I become deeply interested in science communication, which connects both science and people. This motivates me to pursue a study in science communication in The Australian National University. I found my passion in connecting with people while listening to and learning from the stories of different people.

What would be my next step? What are the career options out there?Β What could a PhD do apart from being an academic?

These are the questions I am searching for. This is the reason behind this podcast series.

Thesis and careers could sometimes make PhDs desperate, but PhD research is much more than researching for knowledge advancement.

Let’s learn about the passion of PhDs!