Episode 1 – Salirian Claff

Highlights from Ep1


Salirian Claff is a PhD soil scientist and she is now completing her Masters in Science Communication – Outreach in the Australian National University.
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About PhD study

“There’s a lot of satisfaction in making it through, even though at some points it’s really really hard.” – Salirian Claff


“I don’t think you would do a PhD unless you are passionate.” – Salirian Claff

“It’s a real question of what defines me. I don’t want to just be my work, I don’t want to just be my study… I want to say more than I just go to school or I just go to work. I really want my life to reflect who I want to be.” – Salirian Claff

“You may never find the path. But you just stumble along and find things that you find interesting and all that you want to know more about but might not be, this is what I’m going to do, or this is what I gonna be.” – Salirian Claff

“It’s possibly something comes from a PhD – things won’t always work, but you have to be able to change.” – Salirian Claff


“Talk to people… Take all the opportunities you can.” – Salirian Claff

What does PhD mean to you?

“Honestly, it means that you’re really stubborn and can handle a big data set.” – Salirian Claff


“The solution is inside the solutions” – Salirian Claff