Episode 3 – Ian McDonald

Highlights from Ep3


Ian McDonald was the president of the Australian Science Communicators in ACT Branch and now a strategic and tactical science communication professional moving organizations and their research impact into the spotlight.
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“I’m the type of person – If I don’t like what I do, I won’t do it.” – Ian McDonald

“I certainly enjoyed this role. It keeps me challenged, keeps me motivated. I’m learning new things every day.” – Ian McDonald

“Unachievable is not a word you’ll hear me say” – Ian McDonald

“I guess the day where your job just becomes routine is the day that life becomes a bit boring for me.” – Ian McDonald


“I think a lot of scientists when they want something, they’ll get it.” – Ian McDonald

“I think you learned as much from your failures as successes.” – Ian McDonald

“You want to be the best candidate for the position and if you’re not, then you just need to make yourself the best candidate.” – Ian McDonald

“A mentor in my life really helps my career progression.” – Ian McDonald

[“How do you find your mentor?”] “You just need to be blunt and say ‘I want to be like you!'” – Ian McDonald

What does PhD mean to you?

“To me, it helps me to build my career, and build my knowledge of science. And now it’s useful in that – I’ve got a critical thinking mind. When we are planning and strategizing, having that knowledge is really useful.”  – Ian McDonald

“PhD gives you the skills of understanding science at a very detailed level – the methodologies of science, the ability to critically think about science and the ability to critique science as well.” – Ian McDonald

  • “I love challenges… It keeps me motivated, keeps me inspired, keeps me interested in doing what I do.” – Ian McDonald