Episode 4 – Jenny Jiang

Highlights from Ep4


Jenny Jiang is a physicist and a senior research management officer in the Joint Colleges of Science in the Australian National University.
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About PhD study

“Lab. I really enjoy exploring. I don’t know what’s there, nobody knows what’s there. I’m going to be the first person to find out what’s there… The part I enjoyed most is, I have the freedom, I have no confinement to explore the unknown world.” – Jenny Jiang

“I always have this crazy idea that I want to do something that will make a difference in the world. Exploring something new is just a pathway to do that.” – Jenny Jiang

“Doing a PhD gives me a concept of what I want.” – Jenny Jiang

“For me, seriously, PhD is a learning process. It’s not learning about the research field that I was doing but also learning about myself.” – Jenny Jiang

“I’d say PhD to me is a process to discover myself.” – Jenny Jiang


“I love research. I do not think research is work… Research to me is a hobby, is part of my life.” – Jenny Jiang

“You can’t get a PhD if you’re not resilient… In order to get one successful experiment, you might have to do one hundred or two hundred experiments. How do you keep working on those two hundred times while you don’t get anything?” – Jenny Jiang


“Keep your mind open.” – Jenny Jiang

“Rather than take PhD as a career step, take it as an opportunity to explore the world.” – Jenny Jiang

“There are so many soft skills that are very useful for whatever jobs that you’re going to step into.” – Jenny Jiang

What does PhD mean to you?

“PhD is the best opportunity… PhD is not a process to limit your possibilities in the future, it should take you as an opportunity to explore the infinite possibilities for you to be in the future.” – Jenny Jiang

About Success and Failures…

“In my definition, there’s nothing as a failure. If it doesn’t work, it tells you something so it’s not a failure. It tells you something, that’s your achievement. It doesn’t matter if that’s what you want or not because there’s lots of unknown there. We don’t know what’s in front of us so we can’t guarantee the thing we are after is actually the thing we want.” – Jenny Jiang

“There’s no failure in your experiment. There’s just information that you need to find out.” – Jenny Jiang