Episode 6 – Amardeep Kaur

Highlights from Ep6


Amardeep Kaur is a data scientist in a financial services company in Perth. She also teaches weekend courses for industry professionals.
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About PhD study

“It’s like going for hiking, like going on mountains you don’t know. You have to explore it out.” – Amardeep Kaur

“You go and reach the top of the mountain and see clearly. But during the journey there will be bushes, there will be stones, there will be rain and so many things… And keep going.” – Amardeep Kaur

“PhD is like nobody teaches you. If you need something for your research, you just go, pick it, learn it yourself and that’s it.” – Amardeep Kaur

“It’s a learning. If you enjoy learning, you’ll enjoy a PhD.” – Amardeep Kaur

“Being able to work persistently, being able to work on a specific problem. It’s not an easy job. There are lots of phases, you have gone through many failures, but you stick on and try another approach.” – Amardeep Kaur

“I think PhD gives you a perfect platform to go and experience.” – Amardeep Kaur

“You work on your own project. And crack it at the end. It’s like a full project management experience.” – Amardeep Kaur 


“I like to share what I know.” – Amardeep Kaur

“I have learned something, I have been in struggles. I love to make it easy for others.” – Amardeep Kaur

“I’m a hungry person. I want to be in a position that there’s still scope to learn. And also I can share with others… Be able to help others, to solve other’s problems as well.” – Amardeep Kaur


“Follow your heart.” – Amardeep Kaur

“If you feel you’re not comfortable in a certain position… Sometimes it’s just temporary feeling that it is not for me.  Try to question that, whether you want to stay in here. Why do you choose to come here?” – Amardeep Kaur

“Just follow your heart and do work hard.” – Amardeep Kaur

“Keep your eyes open” – Amardeep Kaur

“Try to put your foot in lots of things.. and events… and stay connected.” – Amardeep Kaur

“Try to relate your research. How your research is going to be helpful to the world.” – Amardeep Kaur

“Be true to yourself.” – Amardeep Kaur

“It is very important to stay hooked to something other than study… And have healthy activities.” – Amardeep Kaur

What does PhD mean to you?

“It’s a journey. No one can tell you what is a PhD unless you go through it.” – Amardeep Kaur