What does PhD mean to you? 🎓

“It’s a journey. No one can tell you what is a PhD unless you go through it.” – Amardeep Kaur

“First of all, it means that I get to call myself a doctor when I want to. [laughed] Second, it means that I went through something that no one else did before. ” – Amanda Grennell

“PhD is the best opportunity… PhD is not a process to limit your possibilities in the future, it should take you as an opportunity to explore the infinite possibilities for you to be in the future.” – Jenny Jiang

“It helps me to build my career, and build my knowledge of science. And… I’ve got a critical thinking mind.”  – Ian McDonald

“The opportunity to practice and get experience to being an investigator.” – Nathan Sanders

“Honestly, it means that you are really stubborn and can handle a big data set.” – Salirian Claff

“A researching process, not only for science but researching process for my own personality, my own mission, myself.” – Elizabeth Lam